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Halfway Heroes M.C.C. Pack Riding Guide.

Before the ride out, please ensure you have checked your fuel, tyre pressures, and undertaken all the usual checks on your bike.

1. Lead Bike – The lead bike should know the route to the destination, will remain lead bike until the destination is reached and will have choice of position on the road at all times.

2. Tail Bike – The Tail Bike will remain tail bike until the destination is reached and will have choice of position on the road at all times.

3. No Overtaking – There should be no overtaking at all, the ride out to the destination is designed to be at 125 cc pace, it is not a race.

4. The Law – there should be no breaking of laws, i.e. running of red lights, Etc, Etc.

5. Riders should arrange themselves as follows - Lead Bike / 125’s / Larger cc Bikes (Less experienced riders) / Larger cc Bikes ( more experienced riders) / Tail Bike. You should ride in a staggered formation, leaving room for the bike in front of you to move across the road in order to take their chosen line through bends or swerve to avoid potholes Etc, you should also leave sufficient room to brake in case of an emergency.

6. You should keep the bike behind you in view… if you can not see the bike behind you, or a very large gap between you and that bike has appeared, slow right down until that bike catches up.

7. If you can not see the bike behind you and you arrive at a roundabout / junction, you should stop in order to signal the route to be taken. When you see the bike approaching you should slowly pull away and responsibility for signalling the route to be taken is then passed down through to the remaining riders in the pack.

8. Once the destination has been reached, each rider will have a choice with regard to the return journey... to ride back with the 125 bikes at their pace, to ride back with the larger cc bikes at a faster pace, or to make their own way back.

All ride outs are voluntary and we take no responsibility for any participant.

Club Ride Outs

We organise ride outs on the third Wednesday of each month ( March to September ) to various destinations in Lincolnshire.

The ride outs are open to all, so if you have a bike and would like to ride out with us, either as a one off, or regularly, please join us at the Fox & Hounds, Newark Rd, North Hykeham, Lincoln,   LN6 9SP for a 7pm start unless stated otherwise.

We also arrange several other weekend ride outs throughout the year, again, information will be posted here in yellow, a couple of weeks before the ride out date.

2023 rides

Yet to be announced