About Us
Halfway Heroes MCC provides a focal point for people of all sexes and riding ability, providing they ride a motorbike.  As a Club we organise and host our own rally annually, Leathered in Lincoln. The Club also attends other clubs rallies, organise regular ride outs, rock nights and charity/fund raising events.
Hayley has been with the club since 2006 and currently rides a Yamaha.
Vice Chairman
Pikey is an 'Original' Halfway Hero from 2002 and rides a Kawasaki VN1600.
“Aide” Manning has been the club treasurer since 2009. He currently rides a Triumph.
Charlie has been with the club since 2013 and currently rides a Kawasaki Vulcan.
The Club is affiliated to the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) Affiliation of MAG gives the club benefits such as reduced priced liability insurance, which The Club will take out annually.

The Club actively support MAG at The Farmyard Rally, by giving assistance and marshalling part of their campsite area, referred to as the fire site. Members are therefore requested to show their support to the Club so that the Club can provide sufficient cover and continue to support MAG.

The Club is also affiliated to the National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD), and subject to their codes of conduct when attending their events or representing them.

Club members are free and encouraged to become individual members of MAG and NABD. Members are also free to join other motorcycle bodies such as The Royal British Legion Riders Branch.
Trashed It Trophy  (TIT Trophy).......
The Trashed it Trophy is a light hearted trophy which is awarded to individual club members for their achievement   in successfully and/or spectacularly trashing their motorbike and serves as recognition of the clubs gratitude for providing entertainment and enjoyment to all members.
Last awarded to.......Charlie Harrad, Dan Atkins and Hayley Fowler.......for dropping their bikes on the way to Rebel Rally 2015 in a spectacular chain reaction.
The trophy also acts as a blessing and thanks that the individual was able to walk away from the accident.